Your Path to Mastery: Child-Centered Play Therapy CEUs

Play therapists often struggle to find quality APT approved CEUs tailored to the child-centered approach they require to maintain licensure and their RPT certification. Dr. Brenna Hicks, host of the Play Therapy Podcast, has partnered exclusively with Core Wellness to deliver the highest quality CCPT training. Here you can find the resources and training you seek to excel in your practice and meet your professional requirements.

child-centered play therapy apt approved ceus

 APT Approved Training for Child-Centered Play Therapists

Welcome to our growing course offerings designed to empower child-centered play therapists with the knowledge and skills to create transformative change in the lives of children and families. Explore our range of specialized courses, each carefully crafted to enhance your expertise and effectiveness in the world of child-centered play therapy.

Introduction to Filial Therapy: Using Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

This course provides 3 CE Hours (Non-contact) APT Credits.

Equip yourself with the skills and techniques needed to effectively deliver Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) in this comprehensive therapist training course.

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is a research-backed, evidence-based approach that empowers parents to build stronger, more nurturing connections with their children. Through structured play sessions, parents learn valuable skills to understand and respond to their child’s emotions and behaviors effectively. As a play therapist, learning to teach CPRT to parents provides you with the opportunity to equip caregivers with essential tools to foster a deeper, more emotionally secure bond with their children. By imparting these skills, you empower parents to become active partners in their child’s therapeutic journey, leading to more successful outcomes and enriching your role as a play therapist.

Exploring the Foundations, Principles, and The “Four Pillars” of Child-Centered Play Therapy

This course provides 3 CE Hours (Non-contact) APT Credits.

This course provides an exploration into Child-Centered Play Therapy, including the foundations, core beliefs, philosophy, applications, skills, and techniques. Child-Centered Play Therapy is best suited for children 3-12, and is empirically supported for children with a vast array of presenting problems and issues. The “Four Pillars” of Child-Centered Play Therapy will be explored in depth as the foundational operationalized skills. This course will include discussions, examples, role-playing, and diagrams to allow for deep processing and understanding. A basic discussion of the history of the theory will also be included.

CEU Training that supports your work with children and families

Birth Order – How it Influences Every Relationship You Have

This course provides 3 CE Hours (Non-contact).

An overview of Alfred Adler’s theory of Birth Order that posits that the order of a child’s birth largely determines personality and role within the family. An explanation of each birth order role is detailed, as well as implications for parenting, friendships, marriage and counseling.

Love Languages: What They Are & Why They Matter

This course provides 3 CE Hours (Non-contact).

Chapman’s Five Love Languages provide insight into giving and expressing love in the context of relationships. This workshop delves into each of the languages, and explores the application of understanding one’s language in context of others’. A deep look into how each language impacts interpersonal relationships will provide insight regarding interaction and communication.


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